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What Is A Lead Magnet?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Excuse my french here, but “what the heck is a lead magnet?”

Is this a question you’ve asked yourself?

A couple of weeks ago I made a slight boo boo, when I posted into a group of over 1000 women to carry out some market research on some ideas I could offer around lead magnets, then it dawned on me - not everyone knows what a lead magnet is.

I mean, how could I fault that - that was me a year ago! I’d only just got used to the word ‘email marketing’ never mind a lead magnet! And that’s a new kettle of fish.

With that in mind, today I've decided to write this month's blog on lead magnets whilst I'm curled up on the sofa with a hot brew. So, here's what you can expect to read; what a lead magnet means, the wonderful benefits it has to offer and a few ideas to get you started.

Don't have time to read this right now? That's ok, you can save the blog here.

What is a lead magnet?

To put it simply, a lead magnet is a piece of valuable information such as a free; digital book (also known as an eBook), a video, a worksheet, a check-list or a PDF to offer to your customers as an incentive in exchange for their email address.

Why can’t I offer this through my blogs or social media posts instead?

You can, and you probably already do. However, a blog or a social media post generally only offers so many words. Let’s just say it’s a small snippet of information to lead your customers to the big fish. For example, a lead magnet not only allows your customers to know your business more, but it’s a super handy way to build your expertise, trust, brand and drive them to sign-up to your mailing list. It’s a lot harder to get customers to read your blog or social media content when it’s pages long, whereas a lead magnet is where your customers can expect to receive more than the usual content you would usually share.

Sounds complicated, how does it work?

I have to agree with you, it does sound complicated but I think that’s simply because of the terminology used sometimes, more so when you google it. So try to avoid that! Instead try to find an easy-to-follow youtube tutorial instead.

Here are 10 steps to outline how a lead magnet generally works:

  1. Create a survey to find out exactly what your customers need help with.

  2. Identify your value proposition.

  3. Decide what your lead magnet is going to offer.

  4. Brainstorm a catchy name.

  5. Create your lead magnet via a YouTube video, a PDF, eBook. Canva can help you to make some wonderful documents.

  6. Look at ways to deliver your lead magnet via tools such as Mailchimp or Leadpages (which is my fav!).

  7. Create an eye catching landing page for your customer opt-in - this will be where your customer decides if they want to receive your lead magnet, so how you present your offering will be important.

  8. In exchange, your customer will provide their email address to receive your lead magnet.

  9. Here’s a couple of video tutorials on how to create some simple landing pages for your lead magnets; Mailchimp & Leadpages.

  10. Need some inspiration to get you started? Check-out my work below.

Now, let’s get down to the juicy stuff…

I work in the Wellness industry, what lead magnets can I offer my customers?

You would be surprised…

Here’s a few nuggets to spark some ideas:

  • Online yoga classes

  • Food recipe books

  • Mindset workbooks

  • Confidence boosting eBooks and worksheets

  • Productivity check-lists

  • Work-out videos

These are just a few that come to mind…

What are the benefits of a lead magnet?

We’ve touched on customer trust, offering your expertise and building your brand. Lead magnets are also an excellent way to build your email list. ALSO, and here’s where it gets better… Once you’ve created a couple of freebie lead magnets and your customers get a taste for the value they receive, they will not hesitate to buy your product when you monetise your next lead magnet.

So there you have it guys, I really hope I have explained this in a clear and simple way.

Don’t have time to create a lead magnet? You can also get in touch with me to do it for you.

I hope this blog has been helpful. If you'd like to save this for reading later - you can pin this image to come back to it.

See you next month for the next one!

With love,



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